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Why we do what we do

In all honesty, it started with weekly pizza movie nights and home made pizza.

Mom’s secret pizza recipe

I came from a big family, so we didn’t have a lot growing up. But one of the things that we did have…and that I always looked forward to was pizza movie night. We’d get to watch some movie we’d only heard about previously, but the best part was my mom’s homemade pizza accompanied with root beer floats. As I grew older and left the nest I tried many times to replicate my mom’s pizza recipe. I had to call at least a few times to get the recipe…but no matter what I could never quite get it right. I’d call my siblings and hear that they were having a similar experience. My conclusion, which my mom denies, is that she gave us a fake recipe so that we’d always want to come home to enjoy the pizza when she made it.

Now I don’t know if that is true, but that thought motivated me to find the perfect homemade recipe. After months of research and lots of testing I finally came up with a recipe that got closest to what I was missing. In that process I fell in love with Pizza all over again. I fell in love with the recipes, the tools, the flavors, the ingredients, but more importantly, I fell in love with the people who help make up the pizza community.

I began an instagram account to celebrate my renewed love for all things pizza called @youmakepizza. What I realized is that it doesn’t just apply to the chefs and home chefs literally making the pizza…but the community of pizza lovers who’s appetite for pizza fuels the industry. It started with the posting of some pizza memes and pictures of my pizza making process at home. I soon started to post pictures of pizza’s made by others around the world. As the account grew in size I met amazing people who were instrumental in growing the love of pizza in their circle of influence.

That brings us to the present day. We are continuing to highlight and promote the pizza lovers and makers around the globe, but wanted to do something even more. We’ve created this site and online pizza swag store in hopes that it will help inspire others and continue to expand the love of pizza even more.

Pizza is Love! We hope you enjoy!

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