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Contributor Bio | Rev Ciancio
Man oh man, the food at Ferazzoli’s Italian Kitchen is bangin! My family and I eat there weekly, if not more. It’s not the food that makes them so awesome. It sure helps, but people LOVE the business for a different reason.
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If you ask Matt Ferazzoli if he is a marketer, he would likely say no. The business is so involved in the local community, whether it’s supporting local charities, taking part in high school sports programs or providing an understanding workplace for teemagers who live in town, he’s naturally doing marketing.

Matt does it because he cares.

Being a part of your local community is marketing. Doing it because it’s part of who you are and why you exist, is not a marketing tactic but manifests it in branding.

Matt didn’t think, “if I let kids here hang out after school, I’ll sell more pizza.”

Matt didn’t devise a plan to make more money on pasta by providing food at the Boy Scouts Downhill Derby.

Covering his rent costs isn’t the reason why he has pictures of his customers on the wall.

These might all be things that happen but it’s because Matt cares about people. He cares about the town. Matt’s vision Includes being a part of Rutherford, NJ, not just make money from selling pepperoni pizza to it.

If improving the lives of others is core to your values, you will in turn improve your own life.

Also, their pepperoni slice is definitely in the top list of my recommendations and it will improve your next meal.

Contributor Bio | Rev Ciancio