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Dear Mr. or Mrs. Restaurant marketer or pizzeria owner,

Did you update social media for business today?
Before you answer, when was the last time you replied to a positive or negative online rating or review of your business?
According to a study conducted by Touch Bistro: “Social media was ranked last for factors that impact restaurant-goers dining decisions including: recommendations, online reviews, type of food, and location. Only 3% ranked social media as the most impactful in their decision making process.”
San Matteo Pizzeria e Cucina

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Diners reported the following made their decision to choose a restaurant:
91% recommendation from a friend
68% positive online reviews
41% positive feedback on social media
According to the results of the study, you have a 27% higher chance (that’s more than 1 in 4) of attracting new customer because they saw positive ratings and reviews of your business ONLINE, then you do posting your specials, promotions or food photos to Instagram or Facebook.
A like on your social media account is a lagging indicator of interest. It’s not even a strong indicator of intention. Liking a photo on social media is about as easy and quick as blinking.
That’s not to say there’s no value, there just isn’t as much impact as what happens when that same consumer sees that another customer said your dough was rubbery, your bathroom was disgusting and your staff was not only rude but over charged. Jeez, you have much bigger problems to solve than just getting someone to like a photo of your meatballs.
Cassie’s Pizzeria

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When one of your customers takes the time to share their story and opinion online about the experience they had with your business, that’s an opportunity. That’s a moment where you can make a life-long bond with a customer who already gave you their money.
The beauty of online reviews is that it’s also an opportunity to tell potential customers about your amazing red sauce, great atmosphere and the incredibly friendly disposition of your servers.
Man, I want to go eat there now, and you can bet I’m bringing the wife and the kid. Save us a seat!
Positive ratings and reviews are an opportunity for you to have that review drive you more business. Other people who are thinking about, considering and comparing your business to your competitors.
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When consumers see a negative review about your restaurant, especially one that does not have a reply and a solution from the business themselves, it tells them that the same can happen to them, a bad experience.
But when they see that the business has replied to that negative review, and all of the positive ones, it gives them confidence that tells them, “this business cares about you.”
Boardwalk Pizza

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Master those moments. Reply to your reviews, all of them, and put a signal out there that you love and appreciate your customers. Inform consumers while you are working in or on your business that you are going to make their experience awesome — by managing your online reputation.
I clearly love social media and the power it holds, so I’m not bashing it. I’m just saying you it would be worth considering how you prioritize your social media marketing as it relates to other things like reputation management.
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Prioritize online reputation management over social media because consumers are more likely to choose to do business with you when they see a positive review than they are likely to event see content you posted on social media.
Contributor Bio | Rev Ciancio