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How many pizzerias are not doing video marketing because they’re afraid of the cost?

Running a business can be hard, and when you’re busy running your business, it’s hard to give the attention and time needed to find the marketing resources and tools that could help you operate more effectively and within budget. Every once in a while it’s good to pause and look around to see what’s available.

During a recent pause, I came across this amazing video that showed a videographer who was sponsored by to test out some of their video editors. He picked a list of people from who’s prices for a 30 second commercial ranged from around $25 to $500. It was cool to see how he was able to submit raw footage with some music options and get back something that was ready for sharing online to promote a business.

It’s important to realize that the costs listed were just for the editing, but technology has come far enough that with a little creative editing, you could capture some solid video clips using just your standard iPhone or Android phone cameras.

Here’s the video so you can judge for yourself which editor did a better job.

Video:I Paid a Stranger $25 to edit my Pizza Commercial
By Daniel Schiffer
Additional Marketing Resources for Restaurants

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