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Credit: Disney

Article Written by By Zoë Weiner March 29, 2018
Good news for Toy Story fans who have always dreamed of trying their hand at Pizza Planet’s “THE CLAW”: The restaurant is coming to life.
The iconic, futuristic pizza joint is set to open at Disneyland in California on April 13, just in time for the park’s “Pixar Fest.” According to to Walt Disney World News Today, the eatery will replace the current Redd Rockett’s Pizza Port in Tomorrowland. As of now, it’s slated to be only a temporary change, but it’s possible that it will wind up sticking around for infinity (and beyond) given how much fans of all ages adore the Pixar classic.
The restaurant was a major plot point in the first Toy Story film, when Buzz Lightyear was convinced that he’d be able to find a rocket to help him get back to his home planet. It was also the site where fans first met the adorable green martians, who worshipped the Claw(wwwww). In fact, the IRL version will actually be called “Pizza Planet: A Better Place,” as a play on the fact that the Martians assumed the claw would bring them to a better place if they were chosen out of the machine (when in reality, it was probably bringing them somewhere like Sid’s house. . .).
Disney has yet to officially confirm the news (Teen Vogue has reached out to Disney for comment and will update accordingly) — and until it does, we have so many questions. Will the real Pizza Planet serve space slime? Will there be a claw machine where we can get our own little green men? WILL “WHACK AN ALIEN” BE AN ACTUAL GAME???
Since the world is still waiting for Toy Story 4 to grace our screens sometime in 2019, we’ll happily munch on pizza of the future in the meantime.
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